Surveys Detailed Responses report

This report is designed to be downloaded, shared and scheduled for easy, regular access to customer feedback. It will show you all responses to any survey template in one place. 

You can also filter the report by question, choosing to exclude certain questions if perhaps they are not relevant to your report recipient. 

Any number of versions of the report can be scheduled to be emailed automatically on a timeframe to suit you, to anyone inside or outside your organisation. For example, you may want to schedule a weekly report of all responses to the marketing team as well as a monthly report of only comments to the CEO. 

You can also share the report without having to create a schedule, for example, send responses about a recently ended run to the visiting touring company. In this instance you may also want to exclude some of the questions that relate only to the venue. 

Run the report

1. Navigate to the INSIGHTS module on the left hand menu and click the SURVEYS file area

2. Click GO on the Surveys Detailed Report. The report will open in a new tab

Filter Options

The report has a number of filter options that will appear at the top of the screen.

You can show or hide the top bar filter options by right clicking in any of the white area and selecting CHANGE FILTERS or using the SHOW FILTERS button at the top of the page 


You can manually select a date range or use one of the pre-defined date filters by clicking on the arrows beside each filter box.  


You can select or multi-select any event to analyse survey responses. 


By default, all questions asked in the survey templates used for the events or within the time period you have selected, will display in the report. Using this filter you can de-select questions. 

NOTE: This report will analyse responses from all survey templates that have been used in the time period and / or for the events selected. The results will appear in the report in the order that the questions were asked in the template. 

View Open Questions

To view and share the open text questions, click the link on the front page of the report. 

This will open a new tab containing all the open text answers to all open questions asked during the time period you have selected.

Once open, you can choose to SHARE or SCHEDULE the report by right clicking in any of the white space around the report. (see below for detailed info on how to share a report)

Depending on the time period you have selected and the number of open text questions, this report may be very large. The best method of sharing these comments is to select EXCEL as the format option. 

View Closed Questions

The front page of the report will show an overview of the key stats  for the responses included in the full report. 

INVITATIONS: how many email invitations were sent in the time period selected

RESPONSES: how many customer responses were submitted in the time period selected 

RESPONSE RATE: this is calculated as a % 

PERFORMANCES: the number of performances surveyed in the time period selected

NPS score

If your survey template includes the Net Promoter Score question, your overall score based on the responses in the time period selected will be visualised on the front page of your report.


Closed Question Summary

The summary shows in list form all the 'closed' questions that are included in the survey templates completed during the time period selected along with the number of responses each question received. 

Note: if more than 1 template has been used during the time period, questions will be listed from all templates

Response Analysis

Each closed question is analysed separately, with results shown in two ways: 

1. Visualisation: chart depicting the results

2. Data Table: number and % of responses by answer choice

Change the chart type: RIGHT CLICK on the bar chart and select REVISUALISE from the menu. Select a new style and the chart will reconfigure. 

To change the chart type back to the default, right click and select REVERT TO ORIGINAL


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