Design a Survey layout

The Survey Layout is what customers will see and where they will respond to survey questions. 

1. From the CUSTOMISE tab, go to SURVEY DESIGNER. Here, you are able to create new or edit existing survey layouts. 

2. click ADD NEW button. You will be taken to a page where you can define the layout of what your customers will see when they click through from the email invitation. 

3. Create a name for your survey template. This is for internal use only. 

4. Upload a logo to appear on your survey page. Use the CHOOSE FILE button to select an image from your computer then click the UPLOAD button.

5. Select a colour scheme for your survey layout

6. In the text box, create a brief welcome message for your customers. This will appear at the top of the survey layout page, above the questions. TOP TIP: Customers will already have read the email invitation so the information in this paragraph can be kept short for better rendering on smaller devices such as phones and ipads.

7. Scroll down the page to the QUESTIONS section. Here you select the questions you would like to appear in your survey. Simply CLICK and DRAG a question from the left column to the right. 

TOP TIP: Sort the list of questions using the CATEGORY drop down. Questions from different categories can be used in one survey.

8. Scroll down to edit the final elements of your survey layout. 

9. Once customers have submitted their survey responses they will see a thank you message - edit what you want to say here. 

10. After the Thank You Message, customers will be redirected to a webpage. Enter the URL here. You may want this to be your homepage. 

11. If a customer clicks a survey invitation link but the survey is closed, they will see a message you can design here. 

12. Customers will be redirected to a web page of your choice - enter the URL here. 

Options Functionality
Turn on Twitter response

If this box is checked, customers will be given the option to tweet their comments and star ratings from the survey. 

Turn on 'forward to a friend' 

If this box is checked, customers can send the survey to other members of their party to complete.

Offer customer service contact If this box if checked, customers will be asked if they would like share their responses with the organisation along with their contact details. As a default, all survey responses are anonymous.

13. When you have made all your changes, hit the SAVE button


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