Schedule a Report

You can schedule the report to be emailed to anyone on any timeframe and regularity. Perhaps your FOH team receive a weekly update of the survey results or your CEO wants to see a monthly overview. All these can be scheduled to send automatically. 

You can also select the questions to appear in the  report. For example, the artistic team might only want to see the comments or you may wish to exclude venue-specific responses from promoter reports. This can all be configured before you set up your schedules. 

Once you have the report/s you require, they can easily be scheduled. 

1. Create the report using the filters you want to be used each time the report is auto-generated e.g. Last 7 days

Right click on any white area of the report and select NOTIFICATION followed by SCHEDULE

2. In the dialogue box that opens to the left, give the report a NAME and short description. 

3. Click on the box DEFINE SCHEDULE to select the frequency of your report

4. A new dialogue box opens where you can set the rules for your report. If you are creating a weekly report (as in the example below) select WEEKLY from the pattern section and define the DAY or DAYS you would like this delivered.

NOTE: Always click on the TICK button to save your changes 

5. Click on SELECT EXPORT CONTENT to choose the format for the report

NOTE: For Comments (open response) reports we recommend using EXCEL as these can be very large reports. 

6. Click on DELIVERY OPTIONS to define WHO receives the report

You can add in multiple email addresses and compose a brief message 

7. Save these  settings by clicking the TICK to close the configuration panels and your report is scheduled. 


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