Share a Report

You can download the report in a range of formats, ready to share or file, as a one off. 

If you want to share a report on a regular basis, see SCHEDULE A REPORT

1. First, create the report you want to share using the filters. 

2. Then, right click anywhere on the white area of the report and select SHARE.

3. Next, select the format in which you'd like the report to be shared. 

The best format for the closed text report is a PDF. For open text comments, we recommend EXCEL.
Note: only registered users to your account will be able to access the link option.

4. In the dialogue box that appears to the left of the screen, choose your format preferences and click the grey Tick.

5. The report will generate and when it is ready, a new box will appear with VIEW THE CREATED EXPORT. Click this to download your report to your downloads folder. From here you can file, share or print the report.

NOTE: Always click on the TICK button to save your changes 


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