Getting Started

Purple Seven's application is modular so all of the functionality is behind one login.

1. Access your application by navigating to the LOGIN PAGE

2. You will have received your login credentials by email. If you have not, please check your JUNK folders or contact support 0203 0211 644

3. Your USERNAME is your email address

After login, you will be taken to the homepage. From here you can see the modules available on the left hand side of the screen. 

4. Navigate to SURVEYS module on the left hand menu bar

You are now at the SURVEYS homepage. From here you can: 

  • See which events have surveys already scheduled
  • See which surveys are being sent next 
  • Schedule further surveys
  • Edit the Location Name 
  • Change the Survey or Email Invitation templates
  • Stop a survey from being sent
  • Navigate to the rest of the module for other actions

Understanding the Survey Tabs

SCHEDULE Schedule surveys to be sent for specific events
Edit some of the text fields customers will see in the email invitation
Change the SURVEY customers complete
Change the EMAIL INVITATION sent out 
REPORT Run reports
View dashboards
Read customer comments submitted through surveys
CONFIGURE Configure the global settings for your surveys module
CUSTOMISE Create and edit email invitations
Create and edit survey questions
Create and edit survey layouts

Configure the global settings

Within your Surveys Module, Administrators can configure a number of settings that will apply across all user accounts. These are default settings however, in some cases, they can be overwritten in the SCHEDULE tab e.g. the number of hours after the event you would like surveys to be sent. 

Setting Functionality
A: How often would you like customers to be surveyed? The system has in built parameters that prevent regular customers from being over surveyed. You can decide how frequently you want returning customers to be sent a survey invitation. For example: 30 days or 60 days 
B: When do you want to send surveys?  The number of hours after the START TIME of an event is when the survey invitation will be sent. Best responses are achieved closer to the end time. This setting can be overwritten for one off events (e.g. a Children's show) with a shorter run time in the SCHEDULE tab. 
C: How long do you want surveys to remain open?  Set the number of days after the survey is sent that you would like to gather responses. Closing the survey after a set number of days gives consistent reporting.
D: Provide your social media account details. Add your organisations'  @twitter handle here
E: Show social shares You can give customers the opportunity to share their rating of your show. You might wish to manage this by only offering the chance to share to customers who have rated that show above a specific number of stars. 

Setting  Functionality
F: Exclude customers from receiving surveys by email
You can exclude people from receiving survey invitations on the basis of their email domain: e.g. your staff
G: Exclude customers from receiving surveys by Classification Codes
If your ticketing system uses codes to group customers e.g. 'board member' or 'school groups' these can be used to exclude customers from receiving email invitations for surveys
H: By data protection By default, all customers with a valid email address are sent a survey invitation irrespective of their marketing preferences. This is because the survey is for research purposes and not marketing. If, however, you wish to change this setting and use marketing preferences, you can change the global setting here. 
I: Unsubscribe This is a hard unsubscribe for customers who have contacted your venue and wish to be removed from ever receiving survey invitations. NOTE: this will not update the customers marketing preferences.


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