Create a new email invitation

You can create multiple email invitations to suit the needs of your organisation, for example if you are running a season or festival that has its own brand identity,  you might want to use that in the invitation to customers.  

Whatever your design, your survey URL will be embedded in the email invitation, ready for customers to access your survey questions.

1. Navigate to the Surveys module in your application and go to the CUSTOMISE tab. This will reveal 3 further sub-tabs, navigate to EMAIL DESIGNER. 

Here, you will see all the email templates that have been created by your colleagues along with the standard template that is a default in all accounts. 

From this page you can EDIT, DELETE or PREVIEW an email template using the icons in the table. 

2. To  CREATE A NEW template, click the ADD NEW button. 

3. A new screen will open, showing the preview pane on the right and the tools on the left. Changes you make on the left will update in the preview pane as you go along. 

4. Give your template a name that will be useful to you and your colleagues. This is for internal use only. 

5. The ENVELOPE fields will be seen by customers in their inbox so make sure these are customer friendly.

***Scroll down the page to add graphics and text***

6. Upload your HEADER image. This will appear at the top of the email invitation for customers to see. 

TIP: Graphics should be a maximum of 520 pixels wide and 50 pixels high. 

7. To add a URL behind the header graphic, type it in the next box. 

8. in the BODY section, type and format your brief message to customers inviting them to participate in your survey. 

9. within your message, you can use MERGE FIELDS. These will automatically populate specific data such as First Name to personalise your message. To do this, click on the INSERT drop down, select INSERT MERGE FIELD. 

A pop-up window will appear, showing the fields available for merging. 

10. Select the MERGE FIELD you require from the drop down list and it will appear in the box below. Next, click OK and the selected MERGE FIELD will appear in the BODY panel where your cursor is. 

11. Continue to write the rest of your email message. (see below for example)

In the example below: both FIRST NAME and PERFORMANCE NAME are merge fields.

When you are happy with your message, scroll down to edit the Footer text and other settings: 

12. BUTTON refers to the link customers will use to access the survey questions. You can choose to position this ABOVE or BELOW the main text of the invitation, edit the wording and select the colour of the button and text. 

13. Next, edit the setting for your email footer. This includes selecting the background colour, text colour and the message to customers. 

All email templates must include an UNSUBSCRIBE link.

To create this: 

1. Highlight some text that you would like to be the unsubscribe link

2. Click the SET button

This will now be the hyperlinked to the URL in our systems for customers to unsubscribe. They will only be unsubscribing from receiving survey invitations. This will NOT AFFECT their marketing preferences stored on your ticketing system.  

14. Finally, save all your changes by clicking on the SAVE button at the bottom of the page. 


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