Create survey questions

The SURVEYS module offers flexibility to customise some elements: 

  • Questions
  • Email Invitations
  • Survey Layouts

This functionality is available in the CUSTOMISE tab

Write your own questions

All survey accounts have, as default, a standard set of Purple Seven questions. These are 19 questions covering the topics: 

  • Overall satisfaction
  • Pricing and value for money
  • Marketing effectiveness
  • Demographics
  • Motivations 
  • Net promoter Score

As these questions are standard across all users and have been in use for 6 years, Purple Seven has amassed a vast database of customer responses that we use to power the survey benchmarks. 

When you create new questions, these will not be included in the benchmarks unless you share them with the rest of the community. 

To create your own questions, go to: 

1. CUSTOMISE tab in the SURVEYS module

2. On the sub-tabs, click QUESTION DESIGNER. Here you will see a list of existing questions available for use or edit and the option to ADD NEW ones. 

3. click the ADD NEW button and you will be taken to a new page where you can create your new question. 

Setting  Functionality
Question Name For INTERNAL use only
Display Text This will be the text of the question that customers see and respond to.
Standard: these are P7 default questions available to all accounts

Community: these are questions to be shared with other users outside your organisation

My Questions: customised questions for use by your organisation only
Theme This is to help group the questions into topic areas such as Pricing, Marketing, Customer Experience etc
Question Type Specify the type of question to be used for the most meaningful response:

Multiple ChoiceThe customer can select one answer from a choice of several. 

Multiple Select: The customer can select more than one answer from a list. 

Dropdown: The customer can select one answer from a list. 

Star Rating: The customer is asked to give a star rating from low to high

Text Box: Allows the customer to write short comments within a box.

Multiline Text BoxCustomer can comment using several lines of text

Scale: The customer is asked to rank their response from low to high  (remember to be clear about which is low and which is high in your question)

4. When you have selected the QUESTION TYPE, you need to design the answers in the screen below. 

NOTE: This example uses MULTIPLE CHOICE for the question so all possible answers are added as separate lines and can be re-ordered using the UP and DOWN arrows. 

5. When you have made your choices, SAVE CHANGES

Remember:  Surveys are sent to everyone with a valid email. Under GDPR this is possible because the purpose of the survey is research. If your questions become anything other than research - e.g. Marketing of future shows or promoting the products and services of a sponsor -  you must amend your configuration settings to reflect the marketing preferences of your customers to remain GDPR compliant. 


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