Schedule Retrospective Surveys

Users can send surveys out to audiences for events in the past. This is useful if an event was forgotten about and customer feedback is required.

Note: surveys sent from the system are sent by event, to the audience who attended that event

  1. Navigate to the SURVEYS module SCHEDULE tab

  2. Click on the VIEW EARLIER PERFORMANCES button. The events will refresh on the page showing those that have already happened in the last 3 months. 

Note: only events in the last 3 months are available for survey. We don't recommend requesting feedback across a longer time period as responses become unreliable, the more time passes since the customers experience

3. Find the performance you wish to survey and click the clipboard to schedule, was you would a future event. 

4. Type in the time lapse for when you would like the invitation to be sent and click OK. Your default template will be selected. To change this, click on the EDIT pencil and choose your template and other settings. 

5. Save Changes and your retrospective survey invitation will be sent to your audience.


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