Edit an answer on my survey template

Some questions in the standard survey template may have answers that are not relevant to your organisation. For example, perhaps you don't charge booking fees or have a bar. 

If you would like to EXCLUDE an answer from a survey question that has multiple answer options, this is how you do it:  

  1. Navigate to the CUSTOMISE tab

2. Go to the SURVEY DESIGNER tab and find the survey template you want to edit. Click on the pencil icon to edit. 

3. On the template page, scroll down to the list of questions. All questions that have multiple answers that can be edited, have a COG icon. Click on the COG. 

4. On the pop up, use the toggle to HIDE the answer option you no longer wish to show to your customers.

5. Click CONFIGURE to save your changes. The changes will be applied each time this template is used. 


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