Report on survey results

Drill down to event level reporting using the REPORTS dashboard. To access your reporting dashboard, 

  1. login to the application
  2. navigate to the SURVEYS module 
  3. click on the REPORT tab

The REPORT homepage shows an overview of the surveys and their response that have been sent by your organisation. 


Users can filter this report by time - for example you might want to look at surveys sent and completed in a financial year.


Your ticketing data may include different locations - eg Main House, Studio etc and you may wish to analyse your responses by those filters. 

Change the chart view

The chart can be modified to show results by Day / Month / Year. To do this: 

1. Right click anywhere on the white space of the chart


3. Select the time period - YEAR / MONTH / DAY - to visualise on the chart

Drill down to a performance

To see results at an individual performance level, scroll down to the table of shows under the chart and select the Performance you wish to view. 

This will open a new tab with a full set of responses for each question in the survey.

Within this dashboard, you can filter to specific questions. 

Using the drop down filter, tick the questions you want to view and click the TICK at the bottom right of the pop up

and export the results by clicking the EXPORT ALL button

This opens a new tab where you can select the best format for exporting your results. 

1. Right Click in the white space 

2. Click SHARE

3. Select your preferred format for the exported results

A new panel will open on the left hand side of the screen. Click the TICK at the bottom to confirm the settings.

Finally, click on VIEW THE CREATED EXPORT to download your results.


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