Customer Service Follow up question

As standard, all survey responses are anonymous. If you have included this option in your survey template, your customers can select to show their contact details to you in order that your customer service team might follow up on any of their comments / responses. 

  1. Navigate to the CUSTOMISE tab
  2. Go to the  SURVEY DESIGNER tab

3. Click the EDIT pencil on the Survey template

4.Once open, scroll to the bottom of the Survey Template page. 

5. Tick the 'TURN ON CUSTOMER SERVICE CONTACT OPTION' box. Customer will be given the option to offer additional comments 


To report on this Customer Service Contact question, go to the INSIGHTS module:  

Go to the SURVEYS section and find the report named 'SURVEYS: CUSTOMER CONTACT REQUEST'

Click GO and the report viewer will open in the central window. Select the dates across which you'd like to run the report and click VIEW REPORT.

To view the responses the customer made to your survey, scroll to the right of the report and click on the VIEW link

To export the data, click the floppy disc icon and choose a format. 


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