Using the Customer Comments dashboard

Responses to 'open' questions in your survey template can be interrogated in the COMMENTS dashboard. 

This uses an interactive word cloud alongside date, event and question filters to be able to drill down into your customer feedback. 

1. Navigate to the INSIGHTS module

2. Go to the SURVEYS section

3. click GO on the SURVEYS dashboard

This will open a suite of dashboards in a new window that are focussed on your survey responses. 

Click on the COMMENTS button to view the dashboard for all 'open' response questions.

You can filter the survey responses using the filters at the top of the page. These include: 




Top Tip: right click on the arrow next to the Date TO box for a list of pre-defined time periods

The word cloud will refresh based on the filters you have chosen, ordering words by size to reflect how often they appear in your selection. 

 You can click on a word and view all the comments containing that word in the table below. 

Customer comments are visible in the table, shown with the event they refer to and the question that was asked. 

All responses can be downloaded using the pink EXPORT button which downloads all comments in the table to your desktop as an excel file.  


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