Sending data by FTP


This guide will talk you through sending data to Purple Seven via FTP.  You would only need to do this by pre-arrangement with Purple Seven and you will likely have navigated to this article from an email that we have sent to you about this.


You will need to have an 'FTP Client' installed on your computer.  We use Filezilla, which is free, opensource and  easy to use.   You can find more information about Filezilla on their webpage

Follow the installation instructions for your chosen client.

Whichever FTP software client you choose to use, you should take normal precautions to ensure the software is appropriate and safe to use.  You download and install software on your computer at you own risk.  Purple Seven is unable to provide technical support with installing software on your computers.

Using Filezilla

When you open filezilla you will be presented with some blank fields at the top of the screen.  These are highlighted in the screenshot below.  

  • Host
  • Username
  • Password
  • Port

You should have received an email from Purple Seven containing the details you need to use above.  We may also have made arrangements to send you the password using a different media than email.

Note: You may not have been provided with a port number.  In this case you can leave it blank

Press the Quickconnect button and you should then be connected to our servers.  In the window below the Host you will see some text.  If you have connected succesfully you will text a bit like this:

If you see red text saying that Filezilla could not connect, check your credentials and try again.  If you still can not connect, please contact Purple Seven.

Uploading a file

Uploading a file is easy and you have two choices - either of which work fine.

  • Drag and Drop
  • Navigate

Drag and Drop

To drag and drop a file, simply navigate to your file using Window Explorer and drag the file into the right hand white box as per the illustration below:

You can use the window on the upper left hand of Filezilla to navigate to the folder that contains the file you want to upload.  Your files will appear in the lower left hand window - simply drag the file to the lower right hand window as in the diagram below:

You can see that your file has been successful by looking at the bottom of the screen and your file should appear in the right hand side of the screen.  If it doesn't appear click the refresh button on the tool bar:


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