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How to setup a Patron Manager integration with Purple Seven

This article explains how to create a connection between your Patron Manager data and Purple Seven.

It is a simple one-step process - all you need to do is create a new user in Salesforce.

Creating a new user in Salesforce

To integrate with Salesforce will require the assignment of a unique user from your Salesforce licence. If you have named accounts you no longer use, please clear one of these to avoid incurring a cost.

The following steps were created in Salesforce Lightning. If you use Salesforce Classic the steps may differ.

Log in to your Salesforce application, click on the 'Setup' icon at the top right of the screen and select 'Setup' from within the menu.

On the left hand side, under 'Administration' - 'Users' click on 'Users' 

A new user must be created, an existing user account should not be used.

In the User page, select 'New User'

Populate the fields with the following information:

First Name Purple Seven
Last Name
(let salesforce choose this for you)
See below
Username Same as email address above
User Licence
System Administrator
Active Ticked
Generate new password and notify immediately

The email address you enter must be in the following format and include the + character: 


When entering your organisation name, please avoid acronyms that could be confused with other organisations, but also keep it as short as possible.

Click 'Save'

What happens next?

Once the user is created, Purple Seven support will receive a notification email, we will then complete the setup on our end and be in contact shortly after with instructions on access to tools and services.

If you need help, please email [email protected]


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