DDX for SQL - Installation Guide

What is the DDX?

'DDX' stands for Daily Data Extractor.  It is designed to pull data from your ticketing system on a daily basis and send it securely to the Purple Seven servers.

To see more detail about the DDX software, read the DDX Tech Spec here

If you have installed the DDX software, you may need to configure it, read Configure the DDX

Who is this document for?

This document describes the installation process for Purple Seven's DDX for SQL.  This application is compatible with the following ticketing systems:

  • AudienceView
  • Bravo Solution
  • ENTA
  • PatronBase
  • SRO (Blackbaud, TopTix, the Patrons Edge)  
  • Tessitura
  • Theatre Manager
  • VenueMaster 
  • Wembley 

If your system is hosted by your ticketing company, you can share this link with them.  This software can be installed on a server and manage multiple organisations from one installation.  Your Ticketing Supplier is welcome to get in touch directly for free support.

If you are self-hosted (i.e. your ticketing system is installed on your servers), this installation guide is for you.

The installation requires a reasonable level of IT competence. The person installing should have:

  1. Access to the SQL database where your ticketing database is
  2. Administrative rights on the server where the software is to be installed

Where to install the software

The software can be installed on any machine that:

  1. could connect to the ticketing database through a connection string
  2. can access the internet

Download & install the software

Download the installation pacakge from here.

The link above will download the installer to your desktop. You can copy this file to the machine where you intend to install the DDX.

Double-click the file PurpleSeven-DDX-MultiDb.exe program and follow the prompts. Once the program has completed installing, continue with the configuration guide here DDX for SQL - Configuration guide


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