Data Storage

Our data infrastructure is provided by Millennia IT. Millennia only uses data centres in the UK so you are assured that your data will not be held globally.  All data centres are accredited to ISO9001:2008 and ISO27001:2013 and all have redundant 10Gbit/s fibre connections.

Only the authorised data centre staff are allowed access, and even Millennia staff have to book an appointment if they need to visit the facility. No other physical access is allowed.

Where is my data stored?

Our data infrastructure is provided by Millennia Cloud Services Ltd.

All data centres are accredited to ISO9001:2008 and ISO27001:2013 and all have redundant 10Gbit/s fibre connections.

Servers are located in the UK:


DC4 Leicester, Iomart Hosting Ltd, 16 Berkley St, Leicester, LE1 4AT


Iomart Nottingham, 2-6 Fishergate, Nottingham, NG1 1FY

Millennia's server infrastructure benefits from:

Data Centre Traffic

All traffic is routed through the data centre’s barrier hardware firewall and scrubbed of many types of attacks before it reaches Purple Seven’s private firewall, let alone the network behind it. MillenniaIT monitors and reacts to attacks on this system as part of the general service to it’s customers.

The Millennia infrastructure that hosts the Purple Seven cloud employs a barrier hardware HA firewall which utilises an advanced threat model with Intrusion Prevention Services and a Layer 7 aware application traffic filter that scans traffic real time at up to 1Gbps.  It filters potential malware and exploit attempts before being forwarded to the Purple Seven specific internal firewall.

The internal firewall is from a different vendor to the external one, which helps mitigate traffic that may have been missed by the algorithms of the initial scan and helps capture more exploit attempts.

In both cases the systems are active Intrusion Prevention as opposed to detection in that they actively block identified malicious traffic as well as alert on it, and will protect against attacks such as cross scripting and SQL injection before they reach the webservers.

We have full DDoS mitigation for a volumetric attack in the tens of Gbps to stop the service being taken down by overwhelming the Internet connection with traffic.

Intrusion Detection

MillenniaIT constantly monitors our entire secure environment and responds to attacks detected by the hardware firewall.

Purple Seven receives immediate emails from the software firewall if an event has taken place that requires notification.

We receive a daily summary of the firewall activity via email.  Purple Seven Directors receives a monthly management executive report.

Firewall Logging

The firewall logs are held on the device and only deleted when the log partition looks like it will fill up.   We therefore  have the ability to retrospectively identify issues that may have occurred.