Interpreting your sales data

Your homepage dashboard provides a snapshot of the health of your sales across a time period, with further detail for the current and previous 7 days. 

Filter by Location and Event

You can filter your dashboard by location. All the locations used in your ticketing system are available so if you wish to look at your sales data by only you MAIN HOUSE or exclude sales made for 3rd party organisations, you can do this by selecting the locations you want to INCLUDE in the analysis from the drop down box. 

You can also filter by EVENT/S that are currently on sale. Using the drop down box, select the ALL option or each event individually. 

Understanding the chart

Your sales are plotted across the chart with the PINK line showing actual ticket revenue by date.  

Average revenue by week is shown by the ORANGE line.

e.g. The example below shows a spike in ticket revenue in week 17 & 18 (end of April), which may coincide with Easter in this case or perhaps the 'on-sale' for a new season. 

The chart gives you the ability to check at a glance if your ticket sales are following a pattern or trajectory that you would expect in the context of your organisation's sale period, programming and promotional activity. 

If sales are starting to dip yet your promotional activity has been high, this could be cause for concern and require further investigation which can be looked at in more detail using the INSIGHTS module. 

Change the Chart View

You can change the view of the chart to sales by DAY or WEEK. 

RIGHT CLICK in the body of the chart and select CHANGE LEVEL. Toggle between WEEK or DAY.

A sales pattern by day is likely to look more like the chart below with greater fluctuations, while the weekly chart will probably show a smoother pattern.

See Total Sales

A user can hover over points on the graph to see total sales for that week. 

Also, users can see a breakdown of sales for that period by events. 

Simply click on the graph to reveal the detail. 

KPI stats

The 6 boxes across the bottom of your chart are typical key performance indicators that an organisation monitors on a weekly basis. 

Each KPI shows the value for the current 7 day period and a comparison with the previous 7 day period for context. 

The top number shows the DIFFERENCE between the previous and current periods. 

The UP or DOWN arrows indicate if the current period is ahead or behind the previous 7 day period. 

Bookers The number of bookers who have made a purchase in the current 7 day period compared with the previous 7 day period. 
Tickets The number of tickets sold in the current 7 day period compared with tickets sold in the previous 7 day period. 
Revenue Revenue generated across the current 7 day period compared with the prev 7 days
ATP Average Ticket Price achieved in the current 7 day period compared with the previous 7 days
Days Booked Ahead The average number of days in advance of the event that customers who booked in this 7 day period are booking, compared with the same for those customers who booked in the prev 7 day period. 
Avge. Discount % of tickets being bought with a discount. If this panel is blank, there are none. If it shows 0%, there are some but less than 1. 


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