HOW TO: How do I Exclude Some Customers From Receiving "DYET" Surveys?

You use "Did You Enjoy That"? surveys because it's an easy and convenient way of gather audience feedback immediately after the event they've seen has finished. Because the surveys are a research tool related to their ticket purchase (as opposed to marketing emails), customers don’t need to have “opted in” for you to send them. However, we know that you may wish to exclude certain customers from receiving the surveys anyway. We have three ways of excluding customers:
1. Exclude by email domain
2. Exclude by Classification code
3. Exclude by Data Protection status
You can use one, two or all three in conjunction if you want:

First of all, navigate to your Configuration page and choose Surveys (NB you must have administrative access to see this option; contact Purple Seven for admin access).

In your Survey configuration page, scroll down to the "Exclusions" section.

To Exclude by domain: if you want to stop anyone with a particular email domain (for example anyone who works at your venue) receiving the survey emails simply type the domain into the box:

To Exclude by Classification code: click “Add’ and you’ll get a pop up, where you can choose to exclude customers based on what Classification Codes have been applied to their customer profile.


If no suitable Classification Codes have been applied to the customer record at the point of transaction, but you still wish to exclude certain customers by their Classification Codes, you can create customer Classification Codes and apply them to certain customers - see the bottom of this chapter.

To Exclude by Data Protection: this is is where you can select to exclude customers by the data protection answers they’ve put. Click “Add”, and you will get a pop up with two drop-downs: the first is the question they’re asked, and the second is their response to that question. Click "Add" once you've chosen your question and answer.

How do I create a customer Classification Code that can be applied to specific customers?

If none of the Classification Codes applied at a box office level are suited to your needs, you can create your own. This is a great way to identify the small number of customers who may request to not receive surveys, or who have particular requests about how they can be contacted (you can use Classification Codes to create Segments, as well as using them to exclude customers from receiving surveys). A customer can have multiple Classification Codes applied to their record.

First, find the customer(s) you wish to create Classification Codes for. Hover over "Tools", then "Search for", and click on "Customer". Use the search filters to find customers using their first name, surname, email address etc.

Click on the Customer Number of the customer you are interested in, and scroll down to the "Classifications" section of their customer record. Click on "Manage Coding Sets" to add new Sets and Codes.

First, you need to create a new Set. The Set is the overgroup title of the group, whilst each Code in the set is one of the members of the group.

Give the Set a name, and click "OK".

Now click "Add New Code"

Give the Code a name, and click "OK".

Add as many codes as you want to the Set. See below for the examples of Exclusions you may want to use.

When you're finished, clck "Save Changes" and close the window.

You're now able to apply the customised Classification Set/Code you created to this customer, and to any other customers you want.

Go to the Classifications section in their customer record, and first select which Set you want to choose a Code from. Then select which Code you want to apply from that set. Click "Add", and the customer record will reload with that Set/Code applied (if you want to remove it, simply click the red "X").

Now go back to the Survey Configuration page, go to the "Exclusions" section, and select the Classification Set/Code that you want to use, and click "Add".

In the Exclusions section, you will now see that anyone who has the Code "Do not survey" from the "Exclusions" set will no longer receive any survey emails from you.


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