New Locations in ATG

In order to prevent duplicates and ambiguous location names in Vital Statistics, location names are being highly managed.  This process will take you through how to ensure that locations are being properly managed and what steps to take in order to manage them.

Terminology.  In this document a 'Source Location' is the name of a location sent by a DDX.  this is the name of the location as held on the ticketing system.  "Venue Description" is the name to which you will assign "Source Locations".  Venue Descriptions can ONLY enter VS manually - i.e. there is no automation on this.  This is done on purpose to ensure that everything is neat and tidy.

The process we are using to manage the locations is Minimal Viable Product meaning that we have not had to build any software to do this.  it might be in the future that we change the process to something more substantial but for now, this was the quickest way to get the desired result.

Know this:

A Venue Description in VS can have assigned to it multiple locations from multiple ticketing systems.  An example is the Venue Description: Apollo Victoria Theatre, London it has the following locations from the following ticketing systems:

  • ATG ENTA2 (DDX Account) - Apollo Victoria
  • ATG Ticketmaster (DDX Account) - Apollo Victoria Theatre
  • ATG ENTA1 (DDX Account) - Apollo Victoria Theatre
  • ATG ENTA2 (DDX Account) - Apollo Victoria Theatre
  • ATG AudienceView (DDX Account) - Apollo Victoria Theatre
  • ATG AudienceView (DDX Account) - Apollo Victoria Theatre (BP16 Onwards)

 Each venue description (in this case Apollo Victoria Theatre, London) is assigned:

  1. a sub account
  2. an account type (e.g. ATG theatre, allocations etc.)
  3. A postcode.

All Source Locations that are assigned to this Venue Description will inherit the properties (and the name) of the Venue Description.

Email Notification.

You may have got to this help doc as a result of an email being sent to you - a direct link to this help article is embedded in the email.   If you did receive the email it means that one of the ticketing feeders has just created a new Source Location name in your Central account.  That means it is new into the Central Account (either UK, US or Germany) and until action is taken the data associated to it will not be useable outside of the Central account.

Below is a copy of the email you might have received.  This shows us that the new location is called Theatre Royal.  This is an ambiguous name, we we may want to call it "Theatre Royal, Ipswich" if that would be appropriate.

So in this example Theatre Royal is the Source Location and Theatre Royal, Ipswich will be the Venue Description.  (not in Vital Statistics the Venue Description will be called simply;  Location

Email Notification.

Run the report.

Log into the ATG Central Account and run the report called "ATG Location Status". You have two options,

  1. to view only those new locations that have not yet been processed or,
  2. to view all the locations that have been processed (you can modify their details).  

If you tick both boxes you will get all locations.  The screen shot below shows our new "Theatre Royal" in the report.

Check if there is a Venue Description already in VS

We want to assign this Source Location to the Venue Description "Theatre Royal, Ipswich" so we need to first check if that exists.  To do this click on the word "Theatre Royal".  A new report opens that looks like the picture below.  You have two parameters to this report:

  1. The Source Location (in this case Theatre Royal)
  2. A drop down list of all the available Venue Descriptions that you can assign the Theatre Royal to.  

We want to assign this Source Location to the Venue Description; Theatre Royal, Ipswich.  Go ahead and search the drop down list for this Venue Descritpion.  As you can see the "Theatre Royal, Ipswich" is not there.

So now we need to create it.  The reason we check is because we don't want to create duplicates.

Check if there is a Venue Description already in VS

Create a new Venue Description

Because Theatre Royal, Ipswich is not there we need to create it.  Re run the "ATG Location Status" report so you can see your New venue.  Click on the "Create a new Venue Description in VS" link at the top of the report.  

Create a new Venue Description

Enter the details

Fill out the parameters at the top of the new page that has just opened as follows:

New Location Name: Type the new name you want to associate the new location to  - in this case we want the new location 'Theatre Royal' to be mapped to a new Venue Description 'Theatre Royal, Ipswich'

Select sub account: Which account do you need to make this data available to?  Select the appropriate sub account here - the information will appear immediately.

Select Type: select the appropriate type from the drop box

Location Postcode: If possible enter the postcode / zip code of this location.  This may get used in reports.

Run the report

When you have completed the form.  Click the View Report button.  The Venue Description will be added and the details will be displayed.

Note - there is a quirk here.  if you run the report and you get nothing displayed in the table below - then your new Venue Description HAS been added.  Press the View Report button again, if you want to see the data show in the table.

If, however when you run the report, the table IS populated, it means that the new Venue Description already existed and nothing was added.

Either way - you can keep pressing the view report button without any fear of duplicates being entered - just make sure you don't change the value in  The New Location Name field because that is what is being checked for existing locations.  

When you have finished this click the little blue arrow (highlighted)  to go back to the Location Status report

Run the report

Assign the Source Location to the new Venue Description

Now you can assign the Source Location to the newly added Venue Description.  Click on the name of the Source Location (in this case "Theatre Royal") find the newly added Venue Description in the drop down list (in this case "Theatre Royal, Ipswich", and then run the report.

When you run the report the following message will appear:

"The location called Theatre Royal which came from the ATG AudienceView  (DDX Account) has been successfully assigned to the new location description Theatre Royal, Ipswich.  In total this operation updated 19 performances and 87 records in the aggregate tables."

This is your success notice and tells you that all the records have been updated appropriately.  You can now check that performances associated to this location exist in the sub account that you assigned it to.

Assign the Source Location to the new Venue Description

Edit the properties of an existing Venue Description

If you have noticed that a Venue Description has been assigned to the wrong sub account or the postcode is wrong etc. you can modify it's properties.

Run the ATG Location Status report.

Now click on the Venue Description that you want to modify. A new report will open.

Modify the properties

Simply make the changes you want to make - you can even change it's name - Click the View Report button.  A confirmation message will appear.

Again the confirmation message has a quirk.  The first message it shows is what the Venue Description properties were before the change - but your changes HAVE been made.  To view your changes - simply press the View Report Button again without changing any of the properties and the latest properties will be displayed.

When you are done you can head back to the location status page to view the changes.  Note changing these properties will have an immediate effect.  So if you, like has been done here, have changed the sub Account, the data associated to this location will be take out of the old account and put into the new account.

Push the blue button to go back to the ATG Location Status report and re-run this report to get the latest changes.

Modify the properties


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