Manual data extractions

When performing a manual data extract, the following process will be undertaken to ensure accurate data has been provided and is uploaded for its intended use.

Step 1. The data extraction

If you haven't already had the instructions for data extractions let us know and we'll send them through to you. Please follow these exactly to ensure accurate data extraction.

Once you have extracted the data, please give it a quick look over. A spot check of random records is a great way to ensure that the extract has gone to plan.

Step 2. Send us your data

Once you're happy, please send us the data through We Transfer secure ftp.

Step 3. Purple Seven process the data

Once we receive the data we will give it a quick spot check too.

Before the data is processed a report to audit what has been sent over to Purple Seven will be produced and sent back to the venue to sense check. If an agency is involved in the project the audit will also be sent to them.

The audit will report the data we have been provided. For example, a count of records per field.

Through this process we will flag up any fields where 50% of the records provided are blank.

Step 4. Confirmation of data accuracy

Once the audit has been sent we ask for confirmation that the data is accurate to your knowledge and accurate for the purpose of the project.

  • If the data is not correct then the process above will be repeated.
  • If the data is correct the data will be processed directly ready for use.
  • If we do not receive confirmation then we will put the process on hold.

Step 5. Ready to go!

Once we have confirmation that the data is ready to be processed we will add it to a unique database over the following 7 working days.

The data will be processed in order to be used for the analysis and/or solutions required.


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